Infinity Rosebox | Romantic Red | Size Table M
Infinity Rosebox | Romantic Red | Gr. Table Large - Jardin Ciel GmbH

Infinity Rosebox | Romantic Red | Size Table M

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Our rose boxes from the Jardin Ciel Table Size Collection are ideal for larger areas, whether on the dining table or chest of drawers. Complement your interior with the magnificent colors of our long-lasting roses in this elegant rose box.

Our environmentally friendly preserved roses bloom for years and need no further care thanks to their long durability. Enjoy your rose arrangement from the first day on, or send a greeting that will not wilt.

Rosenbox mit 16 infinity Rosen

Jardin Ciel

Our passion is in our products. A symbiosis of nature and design.

Inspired by the colors of love, nature, purity, happiness and joy, Jardin Ciel is more than just roses.

We will bring you home a piece of heaven, because heaven can wait, but we cannot wait for its roses.

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